Japan players celebrate a CHK Dragons wicket fall in 2018 East Asia Cup - Image by Japan Cricket Association

Japan and Korea have made strong starts to their campaigns in the 2018 East Asia Cup in Hong Kong by registering comfortable victory margins against CHK Dragons and China respectively on day 1 of the tournament.

There were notable performances from Korea’s Kim Daeyeon, Japan’s Masaomi Kobayashi and CHK Dragons Jason Lui in the batting department, while Japan’s Kazumasa Takahashi & Kohei Wakita and CHK Dragons Ka-U Lynn & Li Kai Ming performed well with the ball for their respective sides.

Kim Daeyeon and Makoto Taniyama also displayed good all-round capabilities for Korea and Japan respectively.

Czarsportz Power 10 to watch out for on Day 2:

Kim Daeyeon (KOR), Masaomi Kobayashi (JAP), Jason Lui (CHK Dragons), Kazumusa Takahashi (JAP), Kohei Wakita (JAP), Ka-U Lynn (CHK Dragons), Li Kai Ming (CHK Dragons), Damien Yee (CHK Dragons), Makoto Taniyama (JAP) & Zhang Yu Fei (CHN)

East Asia Cup Day 2 Schedule:

14th Sep 2018: Korea vs Japan @Hong Kong Cricket Club (9:30 am) ; HK Dragons vs China @Hong Kong Cricket Club (1:30 pm)

Brief Scores:

China 67/4 in 16 overs (Chen Liang 17, Kim Daeyeon 1/13, Park Taekwan 1/13, Khan Muhammad Umair 1/3) lost to Korea 72/1 in 8.4 overs (Kim Daeyeon 47 n.o, Jun Hyun Woo 18 n.o) by 9 wickets

Japan 155/8 in 20 overs (Masaomi Kobayashi 52, Makoto Taniyama 30, Kohei Wakita 14 n.o, Ka-U Lynn 3/37, Li Kai Ming 2/16, Lee Ka Hung 1/26) beat CHK Dragons 106 all out in 19.3 overs (Jason Lui 50, Henry Siu 14, Kazumasa Takahashi 3/2, Kohei Wakita 3/13, Makoto Taniyama 2/20) by 49 runs

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