Germany National Squad will be touring Denmark in July 2018 for T20 series - Image by Cricket Germany @CricketNationalmannschaft (Facebook) // @Cricket_Germany (Twitter)

Cricket Germany (DCB) have announced that their senior men’s squad will be playing a 3-match T20I series against Belgium and a 2-match series against Italy in May 2019. All the matches will be official T20I games and will be counted towards ranking points for global T20I team rankings.

Germany will be travelling to Brussels to take on host’s Belgium first, followed by a trip to Netherlands to play against Italy. Belgium will host Germany at Royal Brussels Cricket Club on 11th May (2xT20I matches) and 12th May respectively, while Kampong Cricket Club in Uthrecht, Netherlands will host the T20I matches between Germany and Italy on 25th May 2019.

Both Germany and Italy will also be involved in 2020 Men’s T20 World Cup European regional finals, to be held in Jun 2019 in Guernsey and the matches will aid in their preparations for the tournament (6-nation), from which the top country will advance to the Global qualifiers, to be hosted by UAE in Oct/Nov 2019.

While Belgium will play couple of T20 matches against Netherlands “A” in Apr 2019, both Germany and Italy will also play T20 matches against Netherlands Development XI on 24th May, prior to their 2-match T20I series on 25th May 2019.

Belgium Squad:

Abdul Rashid Karim Dostikhel, Ashiqullah Said, Aziz Mohammad Babakrkhail, Mamoon Latif, Mohammad Noman Kamawi, Murid Ekrami, Noor Momand, Raja Saqlain Ali, Raja Waqas Ali, Shaheryar Butt, Syed Mussayab Jamil, Syed Zaki Ul Hassan Shah, Soheel Hussain & Saber Zakhil

Practice match: Belgium vs Netherlands A (14 Apr 2019): Netherlands A 286/6 in 40 overs (Max O’Dowd 105, Musa Nadeem 66, Tony Staal 47, Sikander Zulfiqur 31, Mohammad Aziz 2/60 (8), Soheel Hussain 1/37 (7), Murid Ekrami (1/35 (5), Saqlain Ali Raza 1/60 (7), Waqas Ali Raza 1/31(4)) beat Belgium 126 all out in 32 overs (Waqas Ali Raza 32, Mohammad Aziz 26, Abdul Rashid 17, Saqlain Ali Raza 11, Vivian Kingma 4/37 (8), Philippe Boissevain 3/14 (4.4)) by 160 runs

Italy Squad:

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Bentota Perera, Gayashan Munasinghe (Captain), Shameera Arachchige, Rakibul Hasan, Qasim Janjua, Fida Hussain, Nicolas Maiolo, Gian Meade, Baljit Singh, Michael Ross, Jaspreet SIngh, Manpreet Singh, Rehman Abdul & Charanjeet Singh

Italy vs Netherlands Development XI Score-sheet (24th May 2019): Netherlands Development XI 116/8 in 20 overs (Hidde Overdijk 39 n.o, Ben Cooper 17, Julian de Mey 11, Tonny Staal 10, Vikram Singh 10, Shameera Arachchige 2/12 (3), Rakibul Hasan 1/7 (3), Nicolas Maiolo 1/11 (3), Gayashan Munasinghe 1/16 (3), Jaspreet Singh 1/11 (2), Michael Ross 0/24 (3)) lost to Italy 117/2 in 13.1 overs (Bentota Perera 44, Nicolas Maiolo 30 n.o, Rehman Abdul 18 n.o, Manpreet Singh 18, Ben Cooper 1/21 (2), Julian de Mey 1/26 (4)) by 8 wickets

Germany Squad (Belgium Series):

Venkatraman Ganesan (Captain), Muslim Yar Ashraf, Izatullah Dawlatzai, Talha Khan, Sajid Liaqat, Amir Mangal, Asad Mohammad, Mudassar Muhammad, Sahir Naqash, Abdul Shakoor Rahimzei, Amith Sarma, Vijay Shankar, Rohit Singh, Harish Srinivasan, Hamid Wardak & Daniel Weston

Germany Squad (Italy Series):

Venkatraman Gansean (Captain), Muslim Yar Ashraf, Izatullah Dawlatzai, Sahir Naqash, Amir Mangal, Sajid Liaqat,  Asad Mohammad, Mudassar Muhammad, Rishi Pillai, Abdul-Shakoor Rahimzei, Vijay Shankar, Rohit Singh, Hamid Wardak & Daniel Weston

Germany vs Netherlands Development XI Score-sheet (24th May 2019): Germany 129/8 in 20 overs (Daniel Weston 32, Vijay Shankar 26, Harmanjot Singh 22, Asad Mohammad 16 n.o, Amir Mangal 15, Hidde Overdijk 3/18, Julian de Mey 2/20, Qasim Ahmad 1/17) beat Netherlands Development XI 114/9 in 20 overs (Shirase Rasool 28, Tonny Staal 21, Navjit Singh 15, Hidde Overdijk 12, Izatullah Dawlatzai 4/18 (4), Amir Mangal 1/13 (3), Hamid Wardak 1/9 (2), Sahir Naqash 1/12 (2), Asad Mohammad 0/15 (3)) by 15 runs

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Score-sheet Germany vs Belgium (1st T20I): Germany 128/7 in 20 overs (Harmanjot Singh 39 n.o, Mudassar Mohammad 29, Amith Sarma 27, Vijay Kumar 7, Hamid Wardak 6, Aziz Mohammad 1/18 (4), Ashiqullah Said 1/22 (4), Saber Zakhil 1/23 (4), Syed Zaki Ul Hassan Shah 1/26 (4), Murid Ekrami 1/10 (1), Noman Kamawi 1/28(3)) beat Belgium 119/6 in 20 overs (Shaheryar Butt 30 n.o, Aziz Mohammad 19, Syed Mussayab Jamil 16, Saber Zakhil 13, Mamoon Latif 11, Abdul Rashid 9, Hamid Wardak 3/31 (4), Muslim Yar Ashraf 1/10 (4), Sajid Liaqat 1/30 (4), Izatullah Dawlatzai 0/23 (4)) by 9 runs

Score-sheet (2nd T20I): Germany 144/6 in 20 overs (Talha Khan 42 n.o, Amir Mangal 38, Vijay Kumar 24, Daniel Weston 18, Venkatraman Ganesan 9, Ashiqullah Said 2/34 (4), Saqlain Ali Raza 1/12 (3), Syed Zaki Ul Hassan Shah 1/12 (2), Aziz Mohammad 1/32 (4), Murid Ekrami 0/10 (2)) beat Belgium 87 all out in 14.4 overs (Saber Zakhil 18, Waqas Ali Raza 14, Murid Ekrami 13, Shaheryar Butt 11,Mamoon Latif 10, Sahir Naqash 2/3 (1), Izatullah Dawlatzai 2/9 (2.4), Hamid Wardak 1/10 (2), Muslim Yar Ashraf 1/13 (2), Venkatraman Ganesan 1/15 (2), Asad Mohammad 0/20 (4)) by 57 runs

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