Denmark National squad in action in ICC WCL tournament in Los Angeles - Archive image by ICC @ICC //

Denmark head coach Jeremy Bray has announced the 14-member Denmark Squad, that will take part in the upcoming ICC World Cricket League Division 4 in Malaysia.

Denmark will be competing against the host’s, Uganda, Vanuatu, Jersey & Bermuda for 2 qualification spots in ICC WCL Division 3, to be held later this year or early next year. Division 4 tournament will be played between 29th Apr – 05th May, 2018.

As part of preparation, Bray will be travelling with Six squad members to Pakistan for a preparatory camp, while Nigel Pyne will go to La Manga in Spain.

Denmark Squad for ICC WCL Division 4:

Hamid Shah (Captain), Frederik Klokker, Saif Ahmad, Anique Uddin, Bashir Shah, Basit Raja, Zameer Khan, Anders Bulow, Jonas Henriksen, Mads Henriksen, Nicolaj Jorgensen, Rizwan Mahmood, Monty Singh & Shangeev Thanikaithasan

Jeremy told “It’s a good squad of experienced players, which also includes more new young players. It is in my eyes the best players we have available to the Danish national team right now, and at the same time they meet our requirements for withdrawal. I expect the whole squad to keep the steam up all the way. We will continue to improve on a number of points. The physical can continue to improve, our individual cricket competencies are intensified, and of course the basic mindset.”

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