ICC East Asia-Pacific Women's squad during 2020 Toyota Australian Country Cricket Championship - Image by Ayaka Kanada (Japan Women national squad member @KndShip (Twitter)

ICC EAP (East Asia-Pacific) Women’s Squad have won the 2020 Toyota Australian Country Cricket Championships (TACCC) at Toowoomba. This is the best result for the ICC EAP Women’s squad in the Championships, having playing the tournament for past few years now.

The EAP squad defeated South Australia in the final played on 11th Jan 2020, after winning their semifinal game against Queensland on 10th Jan 2020. The EAP squad earlier fininshed on top of the points table after the group stage format, winning 5 of their 7 completed games, with 2 wins over Western Australia and win each against South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. The team lost both their group stage fixtures against Victoria.

The full match schedule and results can be accessed on CountryCHamps website.

Papua New Guinea’s Tanya Ruma (247 runs in 9 matches), Brenda Tau (145 runs in 8 matches), Sibona Jimmy (105 runs & 11 wickets in 9 matches), Kai’a Arua (46 runs & 12 wickets in 9 matches) were the top performers for the ICC EAP squad, while Vanuatu’s Selina Solman (32 runs & 12 wickets in 9 matches), Nasimana Navaika (7 wickets in 9 matches) and Valenta Langiatu (75 runs in 9 matches) also provided good support to the Lewas in the matches. Indonesia’s Nanda Sakarini also contributed 78 runs in 6 innings during the team’s campaign, while Tori Suwandewi (2 wickets) also played her part in the matches.

The EAP squad also featured 2 players from Japan, Akari Kitayama (43 runs in 4 innings) and Ayaka Kanada (2 wickets), for whom the experience of playing in an International tournament will help in their future endeavours with the Japanese national squad.

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