NEP vs KEN - Nursery Oval 2 Ground in Abu Dhabi - image by CricNepal -

Now that the T20 competition, Everest Premier League is done with, Nepal skipper and the coaching staff need to get back to focus on the more important agenda on their plate.

Nepal will compete against UAE, Namibia, Kenya, Oman & Canada in less than 2 months in Namibia for final 2 spots for the World Cup Qualifiers and going by the current form of the team in the past 8-12 months, the picture does not look good.

Nepal’s key concern always has been their batting and their batsmen not able to grind out big and long innings for the team when it matters the most.

One needs to be seen if the domestic performers in the EPL T20 will be given a run in the senior side in Division 2 as the main core of the squad contains 8-10 senior members, who have been playing for Nepal consistently for the past couple of years now. Change is very much required in the approach and mindset of players as they head out to Namibia.

It’s now or never as failure to capture the top 2 spots of the 3rd/4th place might see Nepal being relegated to regional tournaments and qualification events to get back into the main tier of Associate nations.

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