Vaibhav Wategaonkar in action against USA - image by Cricket Oman -

Denmark Cricket Board have announced on their facebook page that Cricket Oman have been given the hosting rights for the ICC World Cricket League Division 3 in Nov 2018.

Earlier in Apr 2018, following the frantic and chaotic action on the final day of ICC WCL Division 4 in Kuala Lumpur, Uganda and Denmark secured their spots in Division 3.

Both Malaysia and Jersey managed to hang onto their positions as 3rd and 4th in the tournament to remain in Division 4. Vanuatu and Bermuda, however, got relegated to Division 5 and will start from scratch again when the next cycle of WCL Division begins.

Now for the Champions and runners-up, the road to 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup dreams continues as they join Oman, Kenya, Singapore and USA in ICC WCL Division 3, which will be played from Nov 07th – 21st. This will bring upon a change in the scheduling of WCL divisions from a week to a 2-week itinerary.

Nothing has been announced though as the tournament still remains a single round-robin group phase event or changes to a double round-robin format going forward. A double round-robin gives all the team’s ample time to get adjusted to conditions and have good chances even after losing the first few matches.

Singapore and USA remained in Division 3 after finishing on 3rd and 4th places the last time the tournament took place in Uganda while Oman and Kenya were relegated from Division 2, held in Namibia in Feb 2018 before ICC World Cup qualifiers.

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