Qatar player Ahmed Mushtaq in action during ICC U19 CWC Asia Division 2 in Malaysia in 2017 - Image by ICC/Getty Images @ICC (Twitter)

Qatar Cricket Association (QCA) have announced the 14-member squad for the upcoming ICC U19 Cricket World Cup Asia Division 2 qualifiers, to be held from Dec 09th – 14th, 2018 in Thailand.

QCA also announced five reserve players in their final list of 19 members chosen for the tournament (Reserve players: Sheikh Jassim Mohamed Asam, Mohamed Azam Zaheed, Mohamed Ismath Zayan, Saud Kamal & Suyash Sudhir Kumar Patel)

U19 team’s from Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bhutan, Maldives, Kuwait, Qatar & Bahrain will be competing for qualification spots in Division 1, in which Nepal U19, Malaysia U19, UAE U19 and Singapore U19 will be participating.

Hong Kong U19, Maldives U19, Bahrain U19, China U19 & Kuwait U19 are placed in one group while Saudi Arabia U19, Bhutan U19, Thailand U19, Qatar U19 & Oman U19 are placed in the other group.

Qatar Fixtures in U19 CWC Asia Division 2:

10th Dec 2018: Thailand U19 vs Qatar U19 @Asian Institute Of Technology Ground (Bangkok)

11th Dec 2018: Qatar U19 vs Oman U19 @Terdthai Cricket Ground (Bangkok)

13th Dec 2018: Saudi Arabia U19 vs Qatar U19 @Asian Institute Of Technology Ground (Bangkok)

14th Dec 2018: Qatar U19 vs Bhutan U19 @Asian Institute Of Technology Ground (Bangkok)

Qatar U19 Squad: Hussain Khan, Ahmed Mushtaq, Shubh Agarwal, Samil Valiyapurayil Sadiq, Patrick Romelo Akmeemana Kumarage, Aditya Piyush Makadia, Solaiman Mohamed, Kalith Charitha Anthony Amarasinghe, Afsarullah, Dhanitha Sandesh Gallu Hettiarrachchige, Fateen Suhail Hakim, Nivid Rakeshbhai Patel, Bismillah Khan & Syed Yousef Tameem

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