With UAE and Namibia effectively out of the running for a top 4 finish in the WCL Championship, focus shifts to the 6 teams who will be in action in the coming weeks in the 6th round of WCL matches.

Papua New Guinea host Scotland in a battle for top spots in the league, Netherlands & Kenya tussle in East London, South Africa amid political circumstances in Kenya and Hong Kong take on Nepal at home for a fight to the finish in the top 4.

The teams need to achieve these results to get closer or qualify before the final matches of Round 7 in December 2017.

Netherlands – if they win both matches against Kenya, they will qualify for WC Qualifiers and results in Round 7 will have no effect on their qualification. If they win 1 match, they will still require to win atleast 1 match from the remaining 2. If they lose both, then they will need to win both remaining matches to confirm qualification.

Nepal – the have no other choice but to beat both Hong Kong and UAE twice in their home countries to stand a chance to finish in top 4.

Scotland – win in both matches and results of other matches going their way can qualify them after Round 6. If they win 1 match, they will need to atleast win 1 more to be in a safe position. If they lose both, they will definitely need to win their remaining 2 matches to guarantee their top 4 spot.

Papua New Guinea – same situation as Scotland as they lead them by only 1 point. The 2 matches between themselves and Scotland will go a long way in deciding the top 2 spots.

Hong Kong – if they win both matches against Nepal, they will be in the mix for top 3 spots. If they win only 1 match, then they will need to win atleast 1 match and hope other results go their way to sneak in at 4th position. If they lose both, then nothing less than victories in the final 2 matches will do for them.

Kenya – almost as same situation as of Hong Kong as they trail them by a single point. They will need atleast 3 wins out of 4 remaining matches and some results to go their way to finish in the 4th spot.

And in any case, if there are no results due to weather or ground conditions, then the likes of Kenya, Hong Kong and Nepal will be affected the most. However, Hong Kong will have a slight edge over Kenya & Nepal to occupy the 4th spot.

Round 6 matches potentially can decide the outcome as to who the most likely top 4 would be going in the final round of matches.

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