Uganda celebrate their last ball victory over Denmark by a single run - Image by ICC/Getty Images @ICC (Twitter)

WCL Tournament match climaxes can beat any movie climax any-day. Such is the grandeur of the finishes that even the scriptwriters will forget what they had written at the beginning of the stories. There is drama, tension, excitement, despair, desperation, exhilaration, cry-outs and tons of nail-biting action. Malaysian grounds hosting WCL Division 4 matches got to see them all on day 4 of the competition with four teams still battling for the top 2 spots and all teams still in the hunt for top 4 spots (3rd and 4th remain in WCL Division 4, if WCL tournament still remains, that is).

Duckworth/Lewis had a field day as matches between Uganda/Denmark and Jersey/Malaysia went right down to the wire with Uganda perhaps stealing the win of the year claiming 4 wickets in the final over of Denmark’s chase to defend 5 runs and emerge victorious by 1 run!!

Jersey claimed their crucial win over Malaysia by 10 runs to stay alive in the competition and still in the race for top 2 finish. Malaysia will be utterly dejected to lose out after making a great attempt at their chase and after two consecutive losses in a row, are also in a must-win scenario as Jersey on the final round of group matches on 05th May 2018.

Vanuatu’s head coach Shane Deitz scored his maiden International fifty and remained unbeaten at the end to guide them to their first win of the tournament against Bermuda, and with both the teams out of contention for top 2 finish, will now be looking to win big in their final group matches and hope for a top 4 finish to avoid relegation.

All the matches ended up being close affairs with rain intervening in Uganda/Denmark and Jersey/Malaysia matches and both the games saw revised targets being applied via D/L method, which brought about all the excitement and tension to the finishes. Although, none of the other games could beat what transpired in the Uganda and Denmark game.

With a day of rest for all the teams before the final group phase matches, Uganda have secured the top spot in the points table with Denmark trailing behind them and both will go in as favourites to claim the top 2 spots and qualify for WCL Division 3, but with the nature of these competitions often bringing out the unexpected, nothing could be taken for granted and it will be better if all the drama is simply left to the players to showcase on the field and see who ends up winning the “tug of war” on 05th May 2018.

ICC World Cricket League Division 4 Points Table:

TEAM Matches Win Loss Points Net Run-Rate
Uganda 4 3 1 6 1.464
Denmark 4 3 1 6 0.51
Jersey 4 2 2 4 0.174
Malaysia 4 2 2 4 -0.057
Vanuatu 4 1 3 2 -0.866
Bermuda 4 1 3 2 -0.879

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