A collaboration between MaqTV, Voice of America (VOA) and Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Network (TTEN) will see the upcoming US Open T20 tournament being aired “live” across the globe.

The live feed from the 17 matches at the main stadium, the Central Broward Regional Park will be aired ‘live’ out of the 31 matches played during the five-day event with 17 being held at the only ICC approved cricket venue in North America. The tournament being the only sanctioned event in the US by the ICC signifies the importance of the tournament being a building vehicle to promote more awareness and popularity of cricket in the United States.

A big contingent of West Indian World Cup stars are set to participate in the event, which will also see local US players & players from Canada take part. Afghanistan’s Shapoor Zadran is also expected to take part in the event.

The live feed from these matches will be fed to VOA and it will be distributed in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. In addition to the ‘live’ feed, highlights package will be made available to all channels in South East Asia.

In the West Indies TTEN can be found on the Flow network Channel 111. MaqTv will also carry the cricket ‘live’ on the platforms Shava TV, Roku and JadooTv, I95tv, A2ZTV news and RaniyanTv. All the action will also be shown live on www.maqtv.com and www.cricketcouncilusa.com

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