For a team which has featured in 3 previous ICC World Cup’s (1987, 2003 & 2011), team Canada remains in a abyss in terms of the game’s popularity in the country or growth of domestic structure to provide more exposure to players and administrators, alike.

Canada’s current captain, Nitish Kumar acknowledges the shortcomings when it comes to preparations for ICC tournament, they did surprise a few by gaining promotion to WCL Division 2 and in with a shot to qualify for World Cup Qualifiers.

“Preparation was our biggest issue leading up to competition and the usual issue of us not getting enough practice on actual cricket turf and guys getting time of from work,” said Kumar.

A preparatory tour of Zimbabwe proved fruitful in their efforts to once again rise among the associate ranks and give a serious attempt in qualifying for their 4th ICC Cricket World Cup.

Now stacked up against UAE, Namibia, Nepal, Oman & another team from WCL Championship, Canada have their work cut out to seek the top 2 spots in the event to be held in Namibia in February 2018.

Nitish Kumar has had experience of playing in the UK, while Hamza Tariq has played in the recent CPL (Caribbean Premier League). Nikhil Dutta, too has had stints in the CPL and BPL (Bangladesh Premier League). Saad Bin Zafar has risen among the ranks in the Canadian team in the past couple of seasons. Upcoming players, too, have performed admirably in the past ICC WCL events.

Kumar hopes Canada can replicate the performances of their predecessors and again represent the country in an ICC World Cup.

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